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A Mother’s Season in the Living Lesson Book

Submitted by on June 28, 2010 – 6:00 AM6 Comments
A Mother’s Season in the Living Lesson Book

“The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example.”  Thomas Morell

Attention all Mamas.  We are living, breathing lesson books.  (Yikes!)  Every day we are being read by our children.  Yes, even the ones that do not read yet. 🙂  Yes, they are learning by our examples.  Yes, our life!  The open book of motherhood!

Keeping it basic…remember to follow the rules.

This includes the traffic laws Mamas!  We all know that it’s tempting to take that illegal u turn or speed a bit when you’re late for that dance class or soccer game.  But is it right? We as mothers have got to remember to take the high road and set the example for our children.

Next, material possessions, you can’t have everything you see.  Shopping too much is also a no no!

Good manners go a long way Mamas .  Sometimes in life we are put in undesirable situations. We’ve all experienced that checker at the grocery store that is less than pleasant.  Always smile and say thank you; kindness is catchy.

Have patience.  If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s patience.  From the time of conception or adoption, it’s patience!  It’s a very humbling experience.  Children learn how to handle situations through our reactions to life.

Do not bad mouth your siblings (at least in front of your children, ha ha!)  Respecting your family is huge.  This is a valuable lesson for children.  Gossiping or bad mouthing others (family or not) only teaches our children to be judgmental and critical.

I always tell my children the following rules to live by:

  • A good friend is like money in the bank!
  • Remember, nobody is perfect.
  • Be careful what you say.
  • A bad day is okay.
  • Move on and forgive.
  • Speak the truth/be honest.
  • Help others in need.
  • Share, share, share.
  • Possessions do not define you.
  • Exercise your spirit.
  • Have a house of worship, a community of worship, and a relationship with your higher power.
  • Exercise your body.
  • Fresh air is good for you.  For my family the last two go hand in hand.  When my children get upset I tell them to run five laps in the backyard. It always makes it better!

Us Mamas need to slow down and get on our children’s level.  The dirty dishes can wait.  We don’t have to be at every party or every school function. But remember to take the time to play and enjoy the things that do matter in your child’s life!

How do we want our children to handle life situations?  This is the question we need to ask ourselves under all circumstances…no pressure, but we are being read by our children.  We need to lead by example!  Our every move is being embedded into our children and their personalities.  The things we do speak loud and clear to our children.

When life gets frustrating or overwhelming, we need to remember it’s just a season.  Baby time, toddler time…all just a season as well.  Just as the song says, “To everything turn, turn, turn…this is a season turn…”

Enjoy Motherhood and remember how quickly a season does turn!  Make some great memories and enjoy summer Mamas!

What “rules to live by” do you implement in the upbringing of your children?

Written by:

Sarah Marks

Mother of Five

(Inspired by a family vacation and a good book!)

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  • Elena says:

    Love it Sarah! It is always the small stuff that matters. My mom, a mother of seven, would never lie. No matter what! Even if it was one of those white lies that we all do, or something that would save one of her children from getting a detention at school. NEVER! I am not as good as she is…I do the occasional white lie, but not without the guilt! She did it for her kids because we were “watching.”

    I also saw my parents give. They gave the shirts off their backs over and over again. All my life that is what I remember most, them giving. It is something I am trying to do more of in my life. I don’t think we realize what our kids pick up on….probably the things we don’t even realize. Time to be more aware of ourselves!! I have Gavin watching me right now and I have been on the computer way too long…time to unplug and play.

  • Annie says:

    You really said it all so well! I am one of 11 children and I can tell you that I learned so many things from my parents, most of them good and some choice words (from my father when he became frustrated!) Like Elena’s parents, mine were very giving in service the school, church and community. Even though my father often worked at three jobs to feed his family, he was baseball coach and school volunteer. My mother was always involved with our school and our church activities. My father was his own man and taught his children to be true to themselves in all matters. He said that our family did not try to keep up with the Jones. Rather we ARE the Jones! When I look back at the earliest years of my son and daughter’s life, I have one major regret. I wish I had completely left work from the time they were born until they entered K. I did not do this, even though my heart felt tugged often about that decision. I was a school teacher, getting home early in the afternoon and having the summers off, but I wish I could take back some of those early years. I can never have back that time, and children grow so quickly. I just advise all moms to consider being with their children as much as possible in the early years!

  • Cynthia says:

    Great article and well said. ALL of it!!!

    Dr. Annie…you just made me feel 100% better about the life changing decision that I made several weeks ago. It was a very hard one as I have never NOT worked. I closed down both of my businesses to be home with my three babies. I realize they will grow up way to fast and before I know it they will all be in school. I was raised mostly by my grandmother because my parents both worked full time. My dad sold cars and worked 12 hr days so I only saw him in the morning as he drove me to school. My mom cleaned houses so she was gone as well. I never had extracurricular activities until I was older because they didn’t know better and because they didn’t have the money. We may not have the money now….feeding 5 on one income BUT I will be there for ALL of my kids activities and support them in every way I can. I don’t want to miss anything and I want them to have that security in their lives which I believe also helps their self esteem. I have no data backing any of this up….just personal life experience. ;o)
    Thank you to everyone on this blog – YOU ARE APPRECIATED because you help me daily. XO

  • sarah marks says:

    Elena, Cynthia, and Annie Thank you so much for commenting!

    We have our jobs cut out for us as being moms. We are moms…the best job in the whole world, shouldn’t that be enough? Why in this society are we measured in what we have done. Like what’s your career? What kind of money do you make? Where did you go to school? Who is your family? You know what you did before kids. Does it really matter? You are moms and you have been chosen. You are blessed. You of course would do the best you can to provide emotionally and financially if need be. All I am saying if it is possible, stay home with your children. If you can’t, make sure to make time for them. Everyday!! Try it out, it’s called Play Therapy. Make it a priority. Make lasting memories. It will come back full fold.

    Hey I know motherhood is not easy. I believe its the best job in the world. You are the president of your company. Go for it!!! Here is your promotion. You’ve been upgraded to mom. Helping define your children. Their future and giving them the confidence and love to be the best they can be. All because you have taken the time to pay attention, and of course play. (Remember to say your prayers too. :))

    Enjoy your summer!!!!

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