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Dr. Oz and Cosmopolitan…Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (Sixth in Series)

Submitted by on May 24, 2010 – 6:00 AM7 Comments
Dr. Oz and Cosmopolitan…Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (Sixth in Series)

The June 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s cover page caught my eye for two reasons. I’ve mentioned before that Sunshine Mamas editor Lori McCluskey is a ringer for Pink, or as Cosmo states, Pink is “the most ‘badass chick’ we’ve (the magazine) ever interviewed!” Pink…meet Lori! My sweetheart Lori is not a shy little girl. You KNOW where you stand with Lori when you get to know her. Actually, I’m that way and we have become the closest of friends.

That one picture of Pink and all the captions on Cosmo’s cover page lead me into this column.

It’s obvious that SEX sells! That’s really, obvious…

75 Sex Tips from Guys, Look So Sexy, Girl Traits No Man Can Resist, Orgasm Guaranteed, Fun Dates for Under $10 and Caught With Their Pants Down were headlines of some sizzling, sinful and surprising feature articles in this month’s issue of Cosmo. I did say that sex sells.

My generation subscribed to Playboy. All this generation has to do is go to a CVS and purchase a Men’s or Women’s Health, a fitness magazine, Redbook or even a Ladies Home Journal to keep abreast (no pun intended) of the latest in toys and titillation.

Enter Dr. Oz.

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, is the latest, hottest dynamo when dealing with health, diet, exercise and sexual healing. He literally is a one man corporation with over 400 publications, dozens of books and still has time to do some 250 heart operations yearly! I forgot to mention his TV shows and interviews. Did I say DYNAMO? Did I say one man corporation?

I think that only Dr. Oz can shed some light on this simple biology lesson. Remember one partner has the plug and the other the plug-in.

Dr. Oz was asked “why are we more interested with sex in the summer?” He answers that the longer days with sunshine, wearing skin revealing clothes etc. decrease melatonin production (sleepiness) and increase juices flowing through the pineal gland in the brain that in turn increases one’s sex drive. Makes sense to me especially if you live by Melbourne Beach and not in Alaska.

“How do you keep the spark alive” was the next question. His answer was to make AND keep yourself desirable for you partner. A beer belly on either partner is not attractive. Fat is just that.

The third question asked was “why are men consumed with sex?” Dr. Oz explains that it’s a biological force. We drive ourselves into our late 30’s to reproduce our species and after we notice our genetic parts discarding us around age 40 we do all we can to regain our youthful libidos. I can identify with that.

“Is a soul mates love a journey or a destination” was the next installment. Actually, Lisa Oz answered this in a most Cosmopolitan Magazine way. Both are true answers and that erotic love approaches that universal mystery when “merging” with your partner. Surrendering to your partner manifests collective oneness. I really like that word “merge.” It is a journey and a destination.

Finally, Dr Oz was asked why “having sex has proven to make one younger?” The best prescription for love and healthy sex can’t be bought at a pharmacy. Stress free sexual activities, as all research points to, can and will make you younger. How, so? Sex IS a stress reliever in itself and also is a cardio activity burning some 150-200 calories per “merging.” There is that word again! It feels pretty damn good too, I must add.

The average 50 year old makes love 65-70 times yearly. If you increased that “merging” to 125-130 times yearly you not only burn away about 10 pounds but you also add about 2 years to your life! That’s a proven fact according to the Doctor. What about 365 times per year, I ask! YES!!!

There is a proven, scientific and medical reason as to why sex sells the magazines we read. Playboy may give you the “eye candy” (I rarely read the articles) Check out the other magazines mentioned for tips and suggestions as to how to make yourself a better lover.

It is, after all, the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • Well I must say…You’ve done it again Mr. Tom!! Remarkable article! I LOVE it! (Might I add that it has nothing to do with the fact that you talk about how awesome I am in the introduction;)!)

    On a serious note, you point out the fact that sex is a huge part in overall health and well being! It keeps you young, happy and healthy…By the way,I love the “young” part…Who knew?

    Maybe if we all put a little more emphasis on the bedroom, (or wherever you choose to partake)the more all of the “other” stuff would fall into place…Just a thought!

    Sex is one of those pleasures in life where it’s actually okay to throw the idea of moderation out the window…More IS better!

    Thanks for the article, your contribution is truly a HUGE asset to Sunshine Mamas!! We appreciate all that you do!!


  • Mr. Tom says:

    Hello Pink, I mean…Lori!
    If I can just help one person I feel that I’ve been a success. We’ve all had some ups and downs (no pun intended!) where simple “healing” could have helped with a partner. Also, when researching this I ran across other facts and figures not from Dr. Oz. Amazing stuff, too.
    Having sex can reduce a fever because of sweat produced. Sex is also a pain reducer, 10 times more effective then Valium: immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, determining a HUGE release of endorphins. These chemicals calm pain from a minor headache to arthritis or migranes, and with no secondary effect. Migranes disappear because the pressure in the brain’s blood vessels is lowered when we “merge.” (my favorite new word) So guys, when she says “not tonight, I have a headache” read this to her as a good reason for having sex, not against it!
    Also tell her you both want to live longer, too! 125-130 times a year gives you a win/win situation. You can lose 10 pounds yearly and add two more years of “merging,” eh…life and living. Tom

  • Now that is a good one…”Merge!” How politically correct;) My new favorite for sure!! I also thought the facts behind the headache remedy were neat…Lets just call it “the all natural cure” shall we?!


  • Mr. Tom says:

    Really, “merging ” truly is a natural cure for a migraine. How PC!!!
    Okay, my next column deals with a top list of contemporary sexy songs and lyrics. This is a preview for all readers of Sunshine Mamas for next weeks column. What are your favs? LET US KNOW OF YOUR FAVORITE ‘GET DOWN AND GET DIRTY’ SEXY SONGS!!! Contribute your ideas and or memories ASAP. Hint…Dave Matthews Band and “Crash, Into Me” is VERY, VERY high on my list. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s “Let’s Make Love (all night long)” is a contemporary country classic. Led Zep’s ” Whole Lotta’ Love” is from my ’70’s generation. So is Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night.” Give us some feedback and comments and experiences you’ve enjoyed and can share. “Fill up my senses…like a night in the forest” and thank you John Denver from “Annie’s Song!”

  • Elena says:

    Another good one Mr. Tom 🙂 Sex sells!!! I’ll buy it 🙂 I guess I never thought about it in terms of its marketability. It is the driving force of our lives, going hand-in-hand with love…everything we do is ultimately geared towards sex. Our thoughts, words and actions of everyday life are consciously or subconsciously geared towards procreation. I feel like I could go in a hundred different directions with this complex topic. I personally feel like people can, and do get fulfillment in many different ways, but sex has got to be the most fulfilling experience one can have if it involves love.

  • Mr. Tom says:

    Hi Elena,
    You really hit the “nail-on-the-head” with several of your always well thought out comments. Elena, EVERYTHING in life that we do is geared toward the mysterious journey of true love. EVERYTHING in life we do is also geared toward the destination of fulfilling our sexual needs and desires. I mean this to everyone…it’s why God created us! I am going to go in hundreds of directions with my future columns which will eventually evolve into, I hope, a well read best selling book of advice for lovers everywhere AND lovers of every age.
    Thanks for being a reader. YOU GO GIRL AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART…Tom

  • sarah says:

    love it!!! Bees do it. Birds do it. Lets do it!! What are we waiting for. Lets fall in love. MERGE YES Wow younger looking too what a bonus