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I Get Botox and So What?

Submitted by on November 8, 2010 – 8:28 AM7 Comments
I Get Botox and So What?

I get Botox…really, what’s the big secret?  I’m a woman trying to grow old gracefully with a little help.  I have an amazing moisturizing routine.  I workout, eat right, go to Church, have lots of children, I am a good mother, I spend time with my children…

So is Botox a crime?  A little enhancement here and there is a wonderful thing!  It’s great for your self esteem.  Your face is the first thing you see when you look in the miror.  Why not take care of it and make it look the best you can?  It feels good and it’s fun!

A few weeks ago, I ran into an acquaintance.  We talked briefly and then she asked me, “What do you do for your anti-aging program?”  I gave her my normal run down and then of course Botox came up…silence!  Then ever so quietly I hear, “Yeah, me too.” So funny I thought to myself.  then I realized that maybe the whole town would know next, oh well.

Botox really is a part of my anti-aging regime.  Us women will try every over the counter product, any topical anti-wrinkle serum, wear the thickest zinc-oxide with a HUGE brimmed hat that you wouldn’t have been caught dead in your early twenties.  (Although now secretly you wish you did.)  I use Botox along with great night cream and a peel ever so often and I’m lovin’ it!!

Five years ago, I beat cancer and was blessed with my fifth child.  After all of that I felt like I needed an overhaul.  I worked super hard to get my energy back.  I’ve just finished my first triathalon.  Even though I finished in the end, fact is, I did it!  I feel like I’m living again and getting a little sexy back in the process! 🙂

Just a little advice…DO NOT try this at a home party!  Make sure you go to a qualified anti-aging Doctor or a plastic surgeon.  My guess is that a lot more people do it than fess up to it.  Whether you want to keep it to yourself, or write a blog about it…try it! You won’t regret it!

Only you can decide what is right for your regime.  You have to way the pros and cons but most importantly, start with a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  Both of these are a HUGE factor when it come to anti-aging.

My now not so secret recommendation is to visit Dr. Kim Zipper of Melbourne at the Fountain of You.  No matter where you are in the state, she is worth the drive.  This is a woman who truly cares and you’ll notice a difference in your appearance.  She is 48ish, I think, so she has the experience and can relate.  She is changing lives, you should see her client testimonials!!   You may just want to get a consultation as well.  It doesn’t hurt to explore all options!  Got hormones?  Check it out, ladies!  It’s not just about Botox and fillers, it’s getting healthy from the inside out!  Go for it, Mamas!  Get your sexy back!!  It feels GREAT!

Sarah Marks

Mother of Five

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  • Sarah,

    What an awesome blog!! All I can say is, “SIGN ME UP”!! You make phenomenal points regarding beautifying from the inside out. Botox is just the icing on the cake! (If it makes you feel good, why WOULDN’T you do it!!) You are a prime example of what all women should be. You honestly take care of your mind, body, and soul. The people around you are blanketed with your positive energy!!! I truly admire the fact that you are confident enough to be real with the world! (Not only in this blog, but in everyday life.) The bottom line is, you get out of life what you put in. You, my favorite friend, deserve the world!!

    As always, thank you so much for your wonderful contribution! Tell Dr. Zipper I’m on my way;)!

    Lots of love,

  • sarah marks says:

    lori you are gorgeous and smart. thankyou for such an awesome comment. my head may not be able to fit through the door. lol!!!! glad you enjoyed it. Ilove your site. It is so fun. always the quick fun read i need at 6am before the kids wake up. I always learn something new with everyone who contributes. Love the real deal. Yes gorgeous my favorite sunshine mama. Lets book some facials! xoxoxxo

  • Kinda says:

    SO, YOU get Botox- So friggin what?! You know I LOVE YOU no matter what girl….and you ain’t neva lost your sexy! And congrats on doing your first triathlon…you rock!

  • Jennifer Teich says:

    Thank you Sarah! We’re parents teaching our children about honesty, Yet when another person asks ” you look better, what did you do” we shy away from the answer. Not the truth. There isn’t an over the counter product that minimizes wrinkles like Botox can. Be proud and no more secrets.

  • sarah marks says:

    aww girls love you too!!! I can remember always wondering why other moms or gal friends of mine looked so refreshed. then one of my girls let me in. you know ten years ago i would of said never no way all bad for you. but its not. really. go to someone qualified to give you the info. honestly its beyond botox. nutrition and exercise. A healthy lifestyle plays a huge part in maintaing good looks. Also if you are feeling good on the inside the outside not only looks better but that positive attitude can be contageous. It is never to late to start a makeover on your life style. Go for it!! You girls know thanks for always supporting me. Love you Bff

  • Elena says:

    Sarah, I love your energy and enthusiasm for life, family, health and beauty. I am obsessed with skin and have tried everything! I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted on half used bottles that did not magically change my face, so off to the store I go and buy another one….and the cycle never ends (My husband just stood behind me and said “….half used bottles,” shaking his head in disapproval). Men, they just don’t understand. 🙂

    It really does come from the inside. We women work so hard at keeping up appearances and some things are just out of our control….at least they used to be!! (Thank you botox, and fillers and plastic surgery!) I also want to know what supplements you take because your energy is through the roof! I recall you saying you eat mostly raw food…..any other beauty secrets? Dish it girl!

  • sarah marks says:

    A good attitude which you have. A little dna energy drink and water in a huge bottle in the afternoon sugar free citirus!!!! You can purchase at Circle K. I try and spend as much time outside as i can. Love the fresh air. Keep your friends selective. Mental baggage is not worth it. Not worth the energy. Exercise often even if its for 30 minitues a day. Twice if you can. Remember the more out put the more in put!!! A good vitamin which contains whole foods for insurance. Everyone needs that. Look for organic! Also make sure to go to all your checkups at the doctor. Stay proactive about your health. You are gorgeous girl! So glad to have met you!! Happy Holidays!!!!