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Not Even 30 Degree Weather Stopped this Sunshine Mama from Camping!

Submitted by on February 21, 2011 – 8:34 AMNo Comment
Not Even 30 Degree Weather Stopped this Sunshine Mama from Camping!

I have been very busy over the past two years. Too much of my time and energy has been spent on my studies. So, when the Boy Scouts arranged a camping trip to Disney’s Fort Wilderness, I jumped on the opportunity to spend this much needed, quality time, with my two children.

We planned the trip a few weeks ahead of time, (and of course the weather had been beautiful, up until the day we packed our bags). But regardless, I was determined to make this a fabulously fun- filled weekend! I loaded up the car and off we went!  The trip was an hour and a half from our Melbourne Beach home, and we arrived at 7pm, so it was dark out.  Luckily we had Disney pitch one of their very special Disney Tents (which I completely recommend, especially in freezing cold weather)! It was a lifesaver for me, especially since I was the only adult with my seven year old boy and very active 3 year old girl!   Well, with our flashlights, we searched for our tent, with the help of another boy scout and his father. Finally we came upon it!  It was a nicely sized tent with a cot inside. We had a cot of our own that we brought as well, so we started loading up the tent, with all of our blankets and pillows, etc!  After preparing the tent for our first nights stay, we decided to join the cub scout troop. Everyone was seated next to toasty warm fire, and of course camping and fire go perfectly with SMORES!   That completed our first evening.

In the tent, we crawled into our cots, and covered up with our blankets. I have to be honest, though, the first night was tough.  I’m not a super experienced camper, so the amount of blankets I brought, were not nearly enough for the weather we were experiencing.  It was a very chilly night! Yet, although the temps dropped into the low 30’s, the children and I still managed to survive our first frosty night! Needless to say, a hot, hot shower was in order that morning! Which is another nice feature of Fort Wilderness, warm bathrooms and hot showers, (they were quite nice and clean too, always a plus)! As the morning progressed, the smell of the crisp cool/fresh air, and the scent of eggs, sausage, and all kinds of breakfast treats, spread out throughout the campgrounds. Scouts were cooking on grills that are set up all over the campsite!

After breakfast, my sons’ Cub Scout group, decided to go on a little hike around the site. The boys (and a few girls), had so much fun searching for pine cones, leaves, walking sticks, and the most exciting finding, was a momma duck and her ducklings!  It was a very successful hike! Also, on our hike towards the center of the campground, we came across a huge heated pool with awesome slides!  They had an arcade room and concession stand for food and drinks! We also found a gift shop with everything from, marshmallows to cozy warm blankets!  Let’s say, I was very pleased to see the blankets, and of course I purchased a couple!  Leave it to Disney to have such amenities at a campground!  Some other activities we came across were canoeing and kayaking.  Between the pool and canoeing, we all decided to try these activities after lunch.

After a full belly, we gathered our things for an afternoon of water sports. My children and I choose a canoe for the three of us, while some others preferred a kayak. We all paddle for a good 45 minutes, and made it back safely, without any complications! I was so proud of my son for working so hard to help me row against the wind, and overcome the constant movement of my three year old! It turned out to be a conquering /rewarding event! On to more fun, we decided to hit up the HEATED pool. The young scouts dared to make the attempt from the cool 50 degree weather (at this point), into the pool.  But, they all enjoyed every minute!

It was time for dinner. We all had a big cookout with cheeseburgers and hot dogs, preparing our bodies for a cold night ahead!  As the sun went down, we could feel the chill in the air.  The fires started glowing around the campground. But, we were not done just yet.  Fort Wilderness shows an outdoor movie on the big screen, the feature for that evening was National Treasure ll. So, another Cub Scout mother and I gathered  our new blankets, and walked over to watch the movie. The festivities started out with Disney’s Chip and Dale dancing and singing with all the children.  Then, the movie started at 7pm, and the wind started to pick up, but many of the campers braved the weather to watch the entire movie.

So, came time to wrap up the night.  Back at our campsite, there was a Cub Scout father playing the guitar and singing songs around the camp fire.  What a wonderful way to finishing up our last night there!

With our new snuggly warm blankets, we tucked ourselves in for the night.  Thankfully, I made the right decision in buying the new blankets, because the temperature dipped back down to freezing again. But, now being a more experienced camper (lol), I was more prepared this time, and the kids and I made it through the hours of darkness without a shiver!

The morning came, and I was actually so warm, I didn’t want to get out from under the blankets.  But, the time had come to wrap things up, the scouting adventure was over.  So, we packed up our belongings and loaded the care back up.  And there stood the Disney tent all by itself, I loved that I did not have to break it down!

It wasn’t the most ideal temperature for camping, but we made the best of every moment, and I’m so very happy I was able to enjoy this time with my children.

On a side note, since we were already on Disney property, I decided to make a day of it at Magic Kingdom with my children!  This was definitely a fun filled magical family weekend, I will never forget, and hopefully my children will remember these frozen memories, too!

Sunshine Mama,


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