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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Never let it be too Late

Submitted by on August 17, 2010 – 6:00 AM2 Comments
Never let it be too Late
Today, I got the devastating news that my dear friend’s fiance’ was found dead. Instantly my heart broke for her. My mind often travels to that grim trail of thoughts with my husband’s profession. I would not know how to go on. The loss of a loved one is one thing, but the loss of the ONE you love is another! I listen to her voice breaking between sobs on the phone, and what can you say? This friend was with the love of her life! The sun rose and set over this man in her eyes, and now she has to go on without him. How is this fair. All things happen for a reason, right? I do not see it that way. Please anyone explain this reasoning! My friend lost a man she loved, she never got to say goodbye. Now in a selfish way, I look ay my own life. Was an argument over shoes in the middle of the living room worth it? How often we all let lifes little stumbles turn into massive drops into devastation. We lose sight of whats important. My friend knew what was important, and she treated him like he was important. He died, cell phone open to make a text to her. We all search for someone to love us for a lifetime, and she found hers. He loved her for his whole life. When he passed away, it was her who was on his mind. I know this notion will not comfort her at this time, but maybe one day it will. I take this event as yet another lesson of life. Never have so much pride, or self preservation that you forget to love. Do as this amazing friend continued to do…love, but more importantly express that love. Never become so self indulged that you lose sight of what it is that truly means the most. Most importantly, when your world crumbles like brown paper bag, crumble along with it. Let yourself feel pain, grief, aggrivation, devastation, frustration…and then let yourself heal. We do not die along with our loved ones, even though at times we may wish we had. To this friend, you know who you are…he knew you loved him, and as much as he loved you for his entire life remember…you loved him for his entire life too…and love never dies.

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  • sarah marks says:

    Wow that was pretty heavy. Your friend needs to know she will find love again. This is what he would want for her. I had a similar call back in the college days from my best friend. This will always be a part of her. You are correct. We let some of the stupid stuff get into the way of love for nothing!!! Life is a gift!!! Truly. There are no guarantees. Blessings to you, your family, and friends. Thank you for the reality check.

  • Wow Courtney! Anytime I read anything written by you, whether it be happy or sad, I am completely blown away! Huge kudos to you, your outlook on life, and the way in which you convey it to the rest of us! We are truly fortunate to have you on our Sunshine Mamas team!!

    Now on to your girlfriend. My heart and my soul aches for her. I will pray for her at home and with my congregation.

    I am completely with you when you referred to there being no substance behind the “everything happens for a reason” logic. I feel that in these times of tragedy there is no justification or explanation. I would like to ask God myself why certain things happen. Why does he create babies with terminal illness’? Why does he take people before it is their time to go? The list goes on and on…Madi and Hailey ask me these types of questions often and I really don’t have a good answer for them.

    Thank you for the reminder of what’s really important. As a mother, or anyone for that matter, it’s nearly impossible not to get sucked into the monotony of the day to day routine. I will be holding my family a little tighter going forward.

    May your friend find comfort and solace in the loving memories of her fiance’. God rest his soul.

    All my love,

    “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Alfred Lord Tennyson