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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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11 ways to be a Bad Daycare Client… Now this is funny!!

Submitted by on March 9, 2010 – 7:00 AMNo Comment
11 ways to be a Bad Daycare Client… Now this is funny!!

I received this from one of our Mamas out there who needed to vent…  Mama Drama at it ‘s best!!  Our Guest Blogger is a Mama who runs an awesome daycare center out of her home.  Unfortunately, she has had numerous awful experiences with one of her clients.  This is where our Mama Drama for today is derived from.  Shame on you Miss R for being a Bad Daycare Client!!

Mama Lori

1)  Acknowledging to your daycare provider that you need care available at 6:45am, but developing an attitude when the provider has to wake up, and at least get a robe on when you arrive at 6:25am.

2)  Text and say you will be late, you want to go to a movie after work.

3) Text at 5:27am, to say you have to go in early, causing provider to get up, and wait and wait, then when provider finally calls you at 9am to see why you are not there, you simply state, “oh, I changed my mind”

4)  When your provider tries to explain “issues and behavior problems with child”  respond with “well, I gotta go” and walk out.

5)  Even though your provider is no longer contracted for weekends and you have alternate care, become upset with weekday provider because she won’t work Easter Sunday when the weekend provider is out of town.

6)  Tell your provider, (who happens to be a devout Christian)  that Easter is not a real holiday… This one really ticked me off!

7)  Get upset that it states on your contract your provider takes all Major holidays off.  Start cussing, because you have a job that requires you work all weekends.

8)  Drop the “F” bomb in a conversation and refuse to pay.

9) Lie to your provider.

10) Don’t pay your provider.

11) State while on speaker phone and provider has witnesses, that you refuse to pay her because she won’t watch your child on days you are not contracted for.

All of the above reasons are why Miss R is no longer a client in my daycare home and I now will have to go to small claims court to recoup two weeks wages.

Distraught Daycare Provider

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