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Carlyn’s Journey-Dr. Coo Coo for Tofu! IX

Submitted by on April 23, 2010 – 6:00 AM4 Comments
Carlyn’s Journey-Dr. Coo Coo for Tofu! IX

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I ended my last blog with a question. Thanks to everyone who gave their input and told about their experiences. I was a little surprised that no one said a break resulted with a baby. Chris did make a good point. A break did help her get healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally before trying In-Vitro again. I guess I was really curious to see if a break worked for other people. I’m not saying that my mini-survey means a break doesn’t work, but I had a feeling that a pregnancy because of a break was very uncommon.  I feel like I should speak for those of us who are on the infertility journey. I (we) know that people have good intentions when they give us advice like, “take a break and it will work,” “quit trying and it will happen,” or “if you adopt you will get pregnant.” It is wonderful that these tips have helped some people out there, but we are all different. You guys know from reading my blogs how emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting this process can be. One of my hopes in writing a blog is to help Fertile Myrtles, as I lovingly call them, to understand what us Non Fertile Myrtles are going through, and how they can help us. Without giving advice that has worked for other people). So, just for kicks and giggles, I have composed a list of the advice you SHOULD NOT give, and yes, I am speaking from experience. All of the following have been said to me at one time or another.

1.            “Take a vacation and you will get pregnant.”  (Don’t we wish!!! I would be going weekly)

2.            “As soon as you stop trying, you will get pregnant.”

3.            “I have 4 kids. You can have one of them.” (Yeah! No thanks.)

4.            “I will get you the number for my friend’s fertility specialist. They have quintuplets.”

5.            “Drink a glass of wine. That’s how my friend got pregnant in high school.”

The next one is my favorite, and yes, someone really said this to me.

6. “Wow! You are looking good today. Maybe if you dressed like that at home with your husband, you would get pregnant.” (How do you know how I dress at home?)

So what do you do instead of give advice? Well, you just listen and pray. Those are the two things we really need.

Ok. I’m done with the help session for this week. Now let’s get to this “break” I chose to take from the infertility specialist world and talk about Dr. Coo Coo for Tofu!   I don’t know what I was really expecting from this time off, but I guess I was wishing that everyone would be right – that pregnancy would just happen naturally for Rob and I. I even remember during my prayers telling God how I would give him all the glory and what a testimony it would be to others if we conceived a baby on this break. I was trying to convince GOD, the maker of all, the One who knows all, how His plan for my life should go. I was throwing in incentives and bonuses for GOD too. If He gave me this little miracle, then I’d get on top of the next Greyhound and ride through town, shouting to everyone we passed that He had performed such a wonderful miracle. I cannot believe I am even telling this. It seems so ridiculous now, but ya’ll remember my quote for this week: “Desperate times call for desperate measures!”

In the towns near where I live, there is a great little Christian radio station that I listen to most mornings. They used to read prayer request over the air. I loved this time of the morning because I would pray for the people making the requests. I felt like by doing so, I was actually helping them. It occurred to me that maybe I should send in my request, so I did. I asked the people to pray that Robbie and I would conceive a baby. It would be so cool to know that if they read my request on the air, people all over my town would be praying for me. I hoped they would pick my prayer request to read, but I knew the chances would be slim. After a couple of weeks, the radio station emailed me saying they were going to read my prayer request on air. I was so excited.  After my request was aired, the station emailed me again a few days later with the responses people had sent in. People were giving us words of encouragement, and of course, they were sending that sweet advice I talked about earlier in the blog. None of those stood out to me, though. One lady, however, wrote that her best friend’s sister had gone to a chiropractor in my town. This chiropractor claimed that 100% of her infertile clients became pregnant within a year of seeing her. There would be no drugs, and no shots or treatments. Just a message here and there, some kum bay yah and meditating, then wham, bam, thank you m’am! Now you KNOW I was interested. I made a call to this doctor who I lovingly refer to as Dr. Coo Coo for Tofu.  After my first appointment, I could tell that I was in for an experience. As I signed in, I noticed an organic health store in the corner, a basket of organic lollipops for the kids, and a stack of bumper stickers that read, “I love my Mid-Wife!”  I was starting to get the vibe that this was the kind of place where the people would drive an hour across 5:00 traffic to get some goat milk from the whole foods store if they happened to run out. I do not think there is anything wrong with organic, whole food or people with mid wives. This was just new territory. I was completely open, though. I met my new doctor. who was 7 months pregnant. She proudly told me that she was having her fourth child all na-tur-al, and at home with her mid-wife (hence the bumper stickers). She also told me that she had a very good record in helping women who had been labeled “infertile”. She asked me to give her a year of adhering to her strict program.  Then, she went on to tell me that to diagnose me properly, I needed to write down everything that went into my body, and the times tat which they came out.  She also told me that part of her therapy would be acupuncture. For those of you who are not familiar with acupuncture, it is an ancient Chinese practice where needles are strategically stuck into certain places of the body for therapy. (I only thought I was done with the needles!)  I knew that this was going to be a new way of thinking, and by the end of it, I might be driving across town during 5:00 traffic to buy goats milk. But if I was pregnant, I would be happy!

Stay tuned for my new adventure with Dr. Coo Coo for Tofu!


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