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Don’t Stop Believing! Carlyn’s Journey XXI

Submitted by on August 27, 2010 – 6:00 AM5 Comments
Don’t Stop Believing! Carlyn’s Journey XXI

After 5 quick months, May approached. I was more than ready to defrost my little popsicle-baby embryos and get them into the womb! It was a little weird to think that my potential children had been in some medical freezer just chilling.

When we went in for the transfer, we found out that seven of the 11 embryos had been thawed three days before. Dr. Quirk monitored them to make sure the cells were dividing properly. He wanted to choose the best looking ones for the big day. Three of the seven looked “textbook,” as Dr. Quirk put it. He gave us the option to put in two or three. After finding out that the chances of all three embryos being viable were slim to none, we chose to put in all three. Robbie said it would “increase our odds.”

So the waiting started. I had to wait two weeks before I went back to take a blood test. I have to say, those two weeks were excruciating!  Thank goodness, it happened to be the last two weeks of school. As a teacher, that particular time for me was crazy busy and it was more than enough to keep me occupied.

We went in on June 1, 2010 at 8:30 for the test. Then, they told us they would call us sometime after lunch! UGH! It was torture. School was out, so to keep myself busy, I went to lunch with Rob and then to run errands. The phone call finally arrived at about 1:00, and I happened to be in the car. Thanks to the good Lord I was pulling into my driveway, or else I would have wrecked when the nurse cheerfully announced, “You’re pregnant!” Then she said, “Well, you are VERY pregnant!”

As tears stung my eyes, I asked, “What does that mean?”

She told me my HCG was 2,000!

HCG levels only have to be five or above to be considered pregnant. My past two pregnancy HCG’s were 92 and 248.

2,000 meant I was VERY pregnant! My immediate thought was TWINS!!!

I was so happy, yet so scared! I just stopped and prayed for God to help me to go into this new pregnancy with an open heart, and not to let fear guide what was supposed to be a joyful time.

Robbie and I rejoiced together and thanked God for yet another miracle! I promptly began calling all of our loved ones! We then had to hold our breath for the first ultra sound that would happen two weeks from that day.

I was anxious to see how many we had in there, and to make sure that everything looked good.

I was taking a variety meds that included a blood thinning shot called Lovenox, four times the normal amount of Folic Acid, Synthoid (for my thyroid), prenatal vitamins, AND Progesterone Oil shots. I had to believe that this cocktail was exactly what the baby needed to stay healthy and grow!

We went in and anxiously waited to see our little miracle, or miracles on that screen. When she showed my uterus, I saw two sacs… well one and a half sacs.

“Well,” she said. “There are two sacs, but the one on the right is very small. We will have to wait a couple of weeks to see if that one grows to be a twin or if you will just have one.”

I was so happy that we had one healthy sac, and I was determined that the little one would grow and make me a mama of twins!

It was only a matter of time until we were back in that office to see what little “Baby B” was doing. When the screen lit up, we saw two perfect sacs that were the exact same size! It was official…TWINS!!!! We were beyond thrilled. We had just found out that we had been doubly blessed! Both babies were looking good. They looked like little pieces of rice, but they were the most precious rice babies I had ever seen. We were told that we would need to come back in two more weeks for a checkup.

I was happier than I had ever been, but with caution. I remember wondering when it would really become real for me. How many ultra-sounds would it take until I felt like, “Okay, this is it. I am going to be a mama.”

The good news for you is that I do get to answer this question. The bad news is that it will be next time in my blog.

Until then, God bless!

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  • Carlyn,

    HOW EXCITING!! What a happy time in the “Journey”! I know I speak for everyone when I say that I can’t wait to find out what’s next for the Duncan family!! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next blog!!

    Lots of love,

  • Peggy says:

    congrats, that is so awesome!

  • karlee says:

    Oh I am sitting hear reading your blog with tears of happiness!!!!!! Congrats to you and your family! I am so glad to see your happy ending/beginning :)! I am looking forward to reading about your journey in the months to come.

  • Annie says:

    This is truly wonderful news. When I was trying so hard to have children more than 30 years ago, all of this type of conception was very experimental and never covered by any kind of insurance costs. I too have tears of happiness for you and also tears that I was not able to do the same. I would really like it if you could shed some light on what is involved cost wise to go through the kinds of fertility specialists you have. If you have already discussed this in detail, I may have missed it. I just know that there are many want to be mothers out there and they need to know the reality of costs. Believe me, I know it is worth every penny!! Best wishes to you.

  • Carlyn says:

    Thanks everyone! We are beyond thrilled! Annie…I did not disclose the cost but will be glad too. The total cost we spent on everything was about $16,000 including both times we did it. The breakdown of the cost is $7,000 for the egg retrival and the egg transfer. My insurance covered none of this. We then spent about $5,000 on medicine (insurance covered very little bc we had reached the lifetime quota for fertility meds) and $500 in ultrasound and bloodwork visits. We also spent $700 on the freezing of the extra eggs. All of this was the first in-vitro go around. The second time was much better because we were fortunate enough to have eggs frozen. We spend about $1,300 on the egg transfer and about $1,500 on meds and visits. It is very expensive but worth it! They also did not do payment plans at my clinic so coming up with it all was sometimes stressful. Thank goodness for family help and a hubby who can budget! Hope this helps anyone who was wondering.