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How Clean is your House?

Submitted by on September 29, 2010 – 6:00 AM3 Comments
How Clean is your House?

I feel like I am not alone when I say I can never get ahead in the housework department.  I have two girlfriends whom have immaculate homes, all of the time.  Yes, all of the time.  Now in defense of the rest of us, they both say all they do is clean.  Are they just trying to make me feel better about my homely home?

I tend to have things in pretty great shape when I’m expecting company or hosting a party or get together.  If you stop by my house on any random old day, you never know what you’ll get.  Typically a nightmare of some sort.  Toys placed oh so conveniently under foot, shoes amongst the toys, clothes strewn about, and papers everywhere.  These are usually the culprits of the bad dream…oh and dream I wish it was;).

I attended a super cool Star Wars themed birthday party last Friday.  It was at our local community center.  Another Mama and I were discussing what a phenomenal idea it was to have the party at a neat venue vs. in your home.  Jokingly (but really serious) we agreed that we wouldn’t want to host a party at our own homes due to the fact that there’s no way in hell either one of us was willing to do the pre-party-prep. I would have to go far beyond the 10 minute pick up for a birthday party with all of the school families in attendance.   Ugh…I get tired just thinking about it.

Now that I’ve mentioned the 10 minute pick up, I guess I should elaborate.  This is coined phrase from another bestie.  Her and I tend to have the same traits in the house keeping department.  The 10 minute pick up is where the entire family joins forces and picks up the house at a rapid pace for 10 minutes.  It works miracles, I swear by it.  Just when you think there’s no hope, the 10 minute pickup can save the day!

So where do we draw the line?  Where is cleaning necessary but not excessive.  I want a nice home in which I can relax, but I don’t want to kill myself (or my children) to maintain it.

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  • Elena Lynch says:

    My house is a disaster. It seems to always be a disaster zone except for the precious few hours of “clean bliss” I experience after I have exhausted myself cleaning the house all day.

    This is seriously an issue for me. My mood and energy are so much better when my house is clean! The feeling of grit on my feet, no clean laundry, and dishes up the wazoo, simply puts me in a bad and defeated mood. After a long day of work (where I keep my place of business immaculately clean all day since we are dealing with food), I have absolutely no energy to clean my house. Did I mention I have a pug who’s breed is known to be one of the worst shedding dog breeds out there? Who knew?! Well, I know now.

    So I am exhausted and feeling down b/c of the messy house. It is a vicious cycle and something I have been thinking more and more about lately as it really does affect my overall well-being. With my lifestyle and schedule, I just need help. Wouldn’t that be nice? Since help is not something I can afford at the present time, I have to address our habits at home. I don’t want to point fingers here, but my habits are not bad. There are glaring “problem areas,” but nagging others in the household is not going to bring peace and happiness either. What’s a girl to do?

  • Elena,

    We need to find a solution…I am, at this very moment, cleaning my bedroom. (Of course I always have my computer within reach.) I am going to attempt to have my house 100% by tomorrow night in time for date night:). At this point, and moving forward, I am determined to keep it clean. If this means shipping my family to Timbuktu, so be it!! 🙂 Just kidding of course, but in all seriousness I can’t seem to ever get it 100% clean. In turn, it just seems to be a never ending vicious cycle. Two steps forward, three steps back…we have to train our little people (and big men) to pay a little more attention to detail. It stinks that the training process is going to be brutal, however I think it will be worth it in the end…it’s all about presentation and interpretation. (I guess me stomping my feet, huffing and puffing hasn’t worked thus far, I need a softer approach, lol.) If we can get them on board with some positive reinforcement, we’ll be golden! (Easier said than done.) Wish me luck, God knows I will need it!!

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in my disaster, it’s comforting!


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