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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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“A Little Diddy, About Jack and Diane” Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (12th in Series)

Submitted by on August 4, 2010 – 6:07 AM3 Comments
“A Little Diddy, About Jack and Diane” Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (12th in Series)

“I love you, Diane, and I want to marry you.”

Jack was a baseball star and phenom in this West Coast Florida city. Eleven no-hitters were part of his resume through the youth leagues into high school. Major league baseball looked to be an attainable goal for him. Diane was his high school sweetheart (they never went with anyone else) and together they planned a runaway wedding shortly after graduation and before he played in the “Bigs.” They wanted a large family hoping to fill all the bases with children.

Dreams, as they so often are, were halted. Her parents were worried. Actually, his parents wanted this love to happen. At 16, with a driver’s license and a car, back seat activity was the fear of every parent in “The Ozzie and Harriet” generation.

Her parents needed to be worried for hormones were raging!

Jack hit dozens of home runs along with those no-hitter’s on the baseball field but their tender, youthful romance never got past second base in the back seat of that 1958 Chevy. “Wiggle off your Bobbie Brook’s slacks and let me do what I please” NEVER happened! Not yet, anyway. Jack was the All-American-red-blooded-boy and thought about that ONE home run. You know what I mean.

He desired her so much but respected her enough.

They NEVER got out of his batter’s box and he never really came close to getting into hers.

They both thought about it, desired love. Their Catholic faith played a role.

Actually, the breakup at 17 was caused by Jack going from St. Pete to Cocoa Beach in a quick move that summer because of his father’s new employment.

Letters, cards and calls were made from one coast of Florida to the other. Not one contact was allowed from Diane to Jack. The year was 1963 and as things turned out, Diane’s parents were glad that they could now control the fire and the heat. The flame was “out” for the time. It simmered a long time.

The modern day movie “The Notebook” highlights the lost love of Noah and Ali. Jack and Diane were the 1960’s version. AS IT WAS REVEALED SOME 42 YEARS LATER, ALL OF JACK’S LETTERS WERE DESTROYED AND ALL HIS ATTEMPTED CALLS WERE SCREENED AND BLOCKED BY HER CONCERNED PARENTS.

NOT “The End,” my friends…


On May 18th, 2006 Jack received a message via e-mail. A simple message read, “Happy 59th Birthday from an old friend and blessings to you. I hope you’re doing well. Maybe you remember me?” Love, Diane.

First contact in 42 years!!!

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” was Jack’s firm answer. “How could I ever forget YOU!” Neither forgot about that innocent love and of the trust and of that hope they once possessed.

Finally, soul mates from the past had re-connected. Honest, no contact had been made for over 42 years. Perhaps, God willed this? Perhaps Jack and Diane were being offered a second chance?

Truly, “Lost and Found Lovers!” They were reborn once again.

Now, Jack and Diane play in the “Field of Dreams” they once had planned on such a long, long time ago.

Finally, it’s time for Jack and Diane to touch ALL bases. It’s time that she “wiggles off those Bobbie Brooks slacks.” (Oh Lord, finally)

Do they actually make Bobbie Brooks slacks anymore?


Let me recommend reading two books by Nancy Kalish, Ph.D. Please place “Lost and Found Lovers” and “The Lost Love Chronicles” on your to read list.

If your relationship has hit the “Seven Year Itch” it may be time to look-at-yourself in the mirror. Be careful, though.

Dr. Kalish found that reunions with formers lovers were so very common in all age groups. Success rates are solid at about 75%. Other statistics prevail. Dr. Kalish also warns about negatives involved when one renews friendships/love from the past. Facebook and E-mails make this easy (maybe too easy) to contact a past friend and/or love. I warn once again…BE CAREFUL!

Good reading for all especially if one feels that a fire is burning somewhere down deep in your heart. Maybe it’s just simmering?

By the way, have you guessed the identity of “Jack and Diane.”


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  • What a beautiful story Mr. Tom! I just love a happy ending! Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, I guess it may take 42 years to hit a home run!!

    I think I have an idea of who Jack and Dianne are…they are two of the most wonderful people I know;)!! I truly believe God has a plan for all of us and I know his plan for Jack and Dianne has finally taken effect! God is good!!

    No one knows for sure how the cookie is going to crumble. The only thing we can do is live for today! Live, laugh, love!!

    Thanks for the beautiful story; I enjoyed it very much:)!


  • Mr. Tom says:

    Hi Lori,
    Two years ago I went to Mass in Monroe, North Carolina. Some Priests actually have a sense of humor and before his Homily he got our attention by asking this question. It went something like this. “Do you want to make God laugh?” He paused and watched as the congregation looked around puzzled by the question. He smiled and continued, “If you want to make God laugh then you tell him of YOUR plans!”
    That says it all Mama Lori. We can make all the plans we want but often they are but temporary. HE has the Master Plan! We must go with the flow, and as you stated, “Live, laugh and love” for who knows what tomorrow brings.
    Jack and Diane are two middle-aged teenagers, as the song goes, “doing the best they can!”
    They ARE doing the best they can…

  • Annie says:

    Mr. Tom,
    Your article is very relevant to me. I have read Dr. Kahlich’s book “Lost and Found Lovers.” I read this book in order to understand why a renewed love can be so totally different and intense from any other love. Dr. Kahlich explains that most young first loves are based on friendship foremost. The young lovers grew up in the same neighborhood, attended same church and schools,and had parents with similar economic and cultural backgrounds. Very few of the young couples in Dr. kahlich’s study ever experienced sexual intimacy before they were forced to part
    (by parents, family moves, military obligations and other reasons for which they had no control). All of this goes along with the articles you have been writing in your series. The lost lovers had originally been close friends who were able to communicate many years ago. They had enjoyed conversing, playing, praying and studying together. As you so often remind your readers, all of these things involve two persons genuinely communicating with each other. These times together are foreplay for the ultimate act of communication, which never happened between the lost lovers. If by chance, God’s plan brings them back together, the bond they feel is so very strong as it was built many years ago. It was built by two people who cared about each other just the way they were. It was far more than puppy love! It was unconditional acceptance and respect for a best friend. Isn’t that what every husband and wife would like to have?