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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Bigger is…Better! Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (Fifth in Series)

Submitted by on May 12, 2010 – 6:00 AM4 Comments
Bigger is…Better!  Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (Fifth in Series)

“I see my life in beautiful Technicolor. I let go of useless and restrictive beliefs and attitudes.”


“Size DOES matter!”

Okay, now that I’ve got one’s attention let me explain the content of this addition to my series regarding “Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life.” I hope I don’t disappoint you for it’s not about who can compare to a John Holmes. No, actually it’s about something much more cerebral.

Yes, both literally and figuratively.

Pfizer Inc., in March of this year, has given up on its effort to create a female Viagra after 10 years of research. Sorry but no little blue pill for you at this time. Why, so? This is not fair, ladies! As explained in a recent Hearst news article it’s just a matter of simple biology between genders. It’s the nature of the beast- the key difference between the average male and female.

It’s because of the make-up of the biggest sex organ in the body, the brain. The brain mediates ALL our behaviors sexual or otherwise. In technological terms, it is your hard drive.

All five senses are filtered through one’s brain. Visual stimulation often initiates the process of arousal. It’s no secret that most males spring (literally) into action much faster. Mr. “Peter Dong” and his owner’s brain is a visual animal if you know what I mean. The gland that secretes hormones at the core of the brain is the reason. In layman’s terms, adrenal juices start and flow faster then hers. Pfizer now realizes that the nature of most women is to take a longer time for arousal. I did say “most” women. The pharmaceutical giant was hoping for clitoral blood flow that corresponded with the male partner’s penis which usually takes about 45 minutes to enjoy increased blood flow. The female pill had little effect. Time along with her brain make-up was the key factor.

Don’t most men laugh at the disclaimer on TV when Pfizer states, “Men, if your erection last four hours then please see a doctor ASAP.” Women may have another reaction if you know what I mean. God, only IF the blood flowed 4 hours through her “magic garden.” Hmmm…

Emory University in Atlanta went further into this research regarding the brain and visual stimulation. Dozens of men and women were given an MRI as they all viewed erotic pictures. Immediate and powerful response was noted on the MRI for the males while the brain scan revealed a much slower pace for visual stimulation when placed in front of females during this study in 2009. Yes, eventually the women peeked but it did take awhile longer. Possibly, cultural factors play into the equation between the sexes. Both sexes can see life in beautiful Technicolor and it’s that vision, that sense, usually triggering that first reaction. If we like what we see we look again. If we don’t we turn away. All senses, as mentioned in previous installments, play a role in foreplay. Not only love her body and brain but STIMULATE her body and brain.

Remember guys, just pace yourselves. The outcome is a reward even if it may take longer for her hard drive to match the speed of yours. You may be on DSL while she’s still on dial-up!

“To love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.”  Helen Keller

(The Attitudes and Latitudes of Tom Yankus)

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  • Vinny B says:

    Great article Mr. Tom!

    I’m surprised they actually stuck with the female version of Viagra over there at Pfizer for so long. I would have given up at “I have an idea. How about a female version of Viarga”, said Bill.

    It certainly seems like the little, romantic things throughout the course of the day lead up to that moment for women. Tell her how pretty she looks, pull out her chair when you sit for lunch, and bring home some flowers on movie night.

    Mr. Tom also brings up a great point about actually spending some time arousing and stimulating the female brain AND body. Put forth some effort fellas, this isn’t a high school keg party. 1-2 minutes is not going to cut it, show some pride, see if you can make it last long enough for her to tell you SHE’s out of energy. Trust me boys, you’ll still enjoy it very much.

    Are you up to the challenge?!


  • AAAhhhh!! Mr. Tom!! You’ve done it again!! What awesome insight, as always!!

    Bottom line is, men and women are different. In a marriage we both need to be considerate of our partners needs not only in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom as well! I know for myself, my husband is fully aware of my little quirks, what makes me tick and what doesn’t! He accommodates me and I do the same in return!! Consideration is key in all we do. It’s all about presentation and interpretation. Our perception is our reality.

    I CAN’T WAIT to see what you come up with next… You sure got it right when you said, “You may be on DSL while she’s still on dial-up!” I love that analogy!!

    Thanks for being great,

  • Mr. Tom says:

    Hi VB,
    Thank you for SUCH great insight! For the record, you are the first official male respondent and I hope not the last. Dude, WE can be that female Viagra. WE are that female Viagra if you think about it! Quality time AND prolonged foreplay is the key. Vinny, you have hit the grand-slam! As Tom Petty sings, we keep “working on mysteries (female) without any clue” Tom

  • Mr. Tom says:

    Hello Beautiful Friend!
    I love you, kid! I really do and thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my very own life experiences. My thesis in my doctoral program in Georgia was to explore this very topic, “Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life.” Lori, most men truly don’t understand how different the sexes are. “Matt and Tom” often are on that high speed DSL and “you guys” are still on a slower dial-up mode. To share love and give love must be savored lasting as long as we can possibly make it last. It’s not a sprint race but a marathon run. No shit and pace yourself! Our “hard-drives” (no pun intended) eventually will get it together! Thank, God!!! Mr. Tom