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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Submitted by on September 9, 2010 – 6:00 AM6 Comments

DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink is giving away one FREE case to one lucky Mama!  (Or Dad for that matter.) Who doesn’t need a little more energy?  I know that, for myself, I have been going non-stop since school have started this year.  Talk about hitting the ground running!  I have found myself dragging by mid-day on occasion.  For me, slowing down is not an option.  I have found that the Sugar Free DNA Energy Drink is just the answer when I am feeling sluggish.  The awesome part is, it will give a little boost of energy for about four hours (just enough time to get through the rest of the day) but you won’t have that crash and burn effect due to the fact that it’s sugar free!!  Not to mention all of those unwanted calories! Along with an amazing Citrus Flavor!  I also utilize it before I run…I ran a 5K with literally no holding back with the help of DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink!  Two ginormous cups of coffee out…One can of DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink in!!

DNA Energy Drink has been voted #1 Tasting Energy Drink, 2010!  DNA Beverage Corporation originated in Florida and carries several other snack and beverage options as well!  DNA was started by a group of ordinary guys who wanted to create a superior product, at a lower price!  Not only have they succeeded, they’ve dominated!!  Wait, Mamas, there’s even more; keep your eyes peeled for another fabulous giveaway from DNA Energy Drink!  They have their own AMA Super Cross Team and are going to give tickets to one lucky Mama to attend the Fort Lauderdale show!!  (Did you know that AMA Super Cross is second most attended to Nascar?)

Now you’re wondering how you can win?  No trivia this time, Mamas.  All you have to do is comment on this blog and tell me how you would use your case of Sugar Free Citrus Energy Drink! (Florida Mamas only please.)   We will announce the winner Monday September 20, 2010!  Good luck, Mamas!

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  • Aliza Williams says:

    I would use DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink for several things such as in the morning for my early jogs, to prepare myself for the day in order to get my 5 year old daughter ready for school as well as my husband by making breakfast and lunches for them then taking my daughter off to school, doing my regular daily volunteer work at my church and at my local nature center. I help to create activities for the children of all ages for those who will attend church in the evening and we make dinner and snacks for them. I would also utilize this product for energy with taking and giving care to the animals at the nature center. Then I need to be able to keep going throughout the day for when I go to pick up my daughter and we go home, I fix her a snack and help her with any homework. Then I gotta start preparing and making dinner for when my husband comes home. After dinner I am still going because we usually go for a 30-45 min walk and then I get my daughter showered, put her to bed, start ironing her and my husband’s uniforms for the next day and finally the day comes to an end until the next morning all over again. *smiles*

  • Donna says:

    I also would be a great candidate for this delicious DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink! I have two young children that are super active from the start of the day, right to the very end. And, I’m trying to keep up with them every step of the way, from running to boy scouts to running to the potty to keep my toddler in check! Also, I’m busy going to school full time to become a Sonographer, so I need that extra boost to carry me through those long tiresome all nighters studying for a big exam. I’m also a runner, so this drink will enable me to go that extra mile, when I just can’t seem to find that additional strength to keep going. So you can see why i would NEED this drink! And, i do all this on top of all those daily house chores! Whew… I need a DNA Sugar Free Energy Drink just thinking about it all! 🙂

  • Elena says:

    I could use a little energy drink right about now!! An alternative to coffee would be great. I own two businesses and between my fabulous husband, son, home and work, energy is a must-have.

  • Amy says:

    Wow, I would love a Sugar Free Energy Drink. As a stay at home mom with a full time job on the side, how could I not use an energy drink? Staying up to get things done during the day and getting me through work would be great.

  • Nancy Matican Bock says:

    Just like the other Sunshine Mamas, I also work, have a husband and a 6 year old daugter who require much of my attention. To that, when I am not squeezing in a run with our dog, I am using my free time to give back to the community. I am President of the PTO at my daughter’s previous school and working to get highly involved with the PTO at her new school If you have ever worked on a PTO board then you know it can be a full time job. In addition, I am the President of my homeowner association board. I am the Drama director for St. Mark’s Indialantic theatre program (completely volunteer) and I donate much of my time to specific clients that are in dire need of increased health and are unable to financially get the assistance they need. I also am the fitness colmnist for Charm on the Space Coast Magazine. I truly beleive in working with and for your community. Strong ties to your environment teach your children about relationships on all levels.

    To keep me going, aside from my 5 small meals throughout the day and my host of supplements, I often turn to energy shots to get me through. Typically I buy them from the Dollar Store but would love to try something new. The body has a way of adapting and trying something new would be just the thing to give me back that extra umph.

  • Renee says:

    oh no….I am eating a piece of cake & drinking coffee while reading this for my early-afternoon snack!
    Help!I need a sugar free energy drink.
    A sunshine mama, stay-at-home with 2 small children ages 2 & 5, going back to school, taking care of the house,grocery shopping,laundry, preparing meals,going to the gym ect
    AND doing all this on my very own without a hubby by my side (he’s around on week-ends only)
    I am the perfect candidate for this amazing, very helpful drink.
    Thank you!