7 Side-Splitting Kid Quotes to Make Your Day
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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Give the Gift of Random Kindness

Submitted by on December 17, 2010 – 6:00 AMOne Comment
Give the Gift of Random Kindness

The holiday season is a beautiful season in so many ways.  Everyone seems to want to make this time very special for family members and friends.  In more recent years, I have become a retired person.  My family obligations have changed greatly with two children now grown and living on their own.  Sometimes I really miss the hustle and bustle of attending their holiday school functions and all the activities associated with the same.  I can remember all the costumes and props we made and all the special cookies, candies and gingerbread houses we made together.  The children and I would select an angel tag from our parish tree and shop for the needs of unknown children.  We would shop for several families in my school classroom as well and enjoy a surprise delivery to their homes.  I always hoped that my children would grow up to be adults who would want to continue giving from their hearts, no matter what their own circumstances might be.

No value that can be placed on acts of random kindness.  At this time of the year you may visit a department store and see many baskets loaded with holiday purchases.  But every so often you may see a shopper that is purchasing bare necessities such as limited food items or baby supplies.  I make it a point to look for such shoppers during this time of the year.  When my heart feels that certain tug that help is needed for that person, I do my own kind of random act.  Just a few days ago I was in the department store line purchasing a few gift items for my family.  I noticed a young mother standing behind me with a large box of diapers.  It was her only item.  There was just something that made me feel that purchasing those diapers was a big expense for the mom.  I quietly told the clerk that I would like to pay for the diapers.  The young mother gasped and said, “I can’t believe this!  This is so wonderful!  I hardly have any money.”  Then she opened her wallet and showed me a picture of her 15 month old daughter.  She kept telling me Merry Christmas.  I told her that my children are now grown, but I surely remember how expensive diapers were.  I wanted her to know that I realize being a mom is a huge job!  So both that young mom and I had a fabulous feeling that no one can take away.

Not more than a few days later, I had to travel out of town and spend two days cleaning a former home and moving many items from a storage center.  By the time I neared home, I felt and looked weary.  Then I got a message that a lovely friend had made homemade soup for us.  She made both broccoli-cheese and vegetable beef because she just wanted to have a nice surprise for us after two long days of work!!  Wow, that was a beautiful random act of kindness!!  I haven’t had any soup that tasted so good in my memory!

My wonderful partner also makes holidays special by his own form of random kindness.  He purchases gift certificates at a local grocer and asks the manager to provide those gift certificates to customers who are struggling to purchase groceries.  The certificates are not for alcohol or tobacco products, but for food items.  For both of us, it is important for people whom we will never know to be given a gift of hope and caring.

I wrote this article especially for parents who read this website.  Your children watch everything you do. If you involve them in acts of selfless giving, you are modeling a precious gift to them.  They will grow to be adults who reach out to others in ways that will amaze you.   They will continue your tradition of making the world a better place!

What is the spirit of Christmas anyway?

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One Comment »

  • sarah marks says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Thankyou for this reminder to us all. We often get caught up in gift giving. There are families that are struggling. Random acts of kindness go a long way. Every year i try and teach my kids these very gifts you wrote about. It is a gift to teach your kids to be gracious and giving. It makes the world a better place. Thankyou for the blog. Have a Merry Christmas!!!