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Love Without Fear (Circa 1947) Love Without Fear (Circa 2011 and Beyond) “Mr. Tom”

Submitted by on January 28, 2011 – 8:42 AM3 Comments
Love Without Fear (Circa 1947)  Love Without Fear (Circa 2011 and Beyond)  “Mr. Tom”

True story! This past Saturday I visited St. Peter’s Episcopalian Church on beautiful Amelia Island, Florida. This church youth group was raising money for an annual retreat selling “stuff” at a yard sale.

I love yard sales. I love “stuff.” I love the cheap prices.

True story! I purchased dozens of books at the 1PM closing time for $2.00 per box. What a steal. I had a variety and could not wait until I got home to actually see what I had thrown into that cardboard box. I had close to two-dozen books crammed into it. I had sport books, adventure, novels and magazines. What a coup. I later found out that I had purchased one book about sexual healing.

“Sexual Healing” is my favorite topic.

Someone may have slipped that one in to that church sale for me.

“Love Without Fear” was the title and the copyright was actually listed circa 1947. Damn…I WAS BORN IN 1947! Oh, God, was this what Eileen and Tom once read by the fireplace? My dad would have. Actually, I think mom would have, too.

The book was divided into six chapters about “Marriage and Freedom” and Part Two which has 15 chapters discussing “Love Without Fear.”

There is just NO way that old people read “trash” like this. No way…

1946 was the start of the “Boomer” generation.

I was “hatched”  May 18th, 1947.

World War Two soldiers came home and…and? (Cohabitated is the proper term.)

Surely your grandparents never did “IT” about the time this book was written. “They” were among the “Ozzie and Harriet” generation when all slept in double beds (at least on television, anyway).

The book caught me by surprise. Sex and the frank discussion of it some 60 years ago was supposed to be taboo.

Part 1 had Chapters titled, “Free Marriage, The Romantic Delusion, Personal Factors, Women’s Claim to Sex Equality, Break-up Value of a Marriage and Growing Old Gratefully.”

Again, this was written some 64 years ago.

I am not grateful about growing old. I am glad to wake up each morning, though.

Part 2 listed the following chapters, “Love Embraces All, The Stimulation of Love, Secrets of Sex Appeal, Techniques of Love Play (My God…1947!!!) How to Manage the Sex Act, First Intercourse, Prolonged Intercourse (WOW…THEY KNEW ABOUT THAT?) Causes of Sexual Failure, Youthful Follies, Sex Psychology, Byways of Sex, Painful Pleasures (THINK ABOUT THAT ONE) The Spacing of Children, The Abortion Racket and Making Love Last.”

The book proclaimed this to be for “husband and wife.”

This is 2011. We talk of partners today. That’s not bad.

Time goes on. The importance of achieving a satisfactory physical AND psychological relationship today should be a positive and very rewarding experience.

Hey mom and dad…I’m glad you did NOT sleep in twin beds.

I don’t. And, I NEVER will!

Some things will never change.

Your Son, Tommy

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  • Mr. Tom,

    I must say that the book must have been planted there solely for you!! The big man had a little something up his sleeve that day at the St. Peter’s Episcopalian Church.

    The fact that such a book existed in 1947 is mind boggling within itself. It goes to show the importance of maintaining a healthy mental and PHYSICAL relationship was very apparent then, and still is today. This is not a new concept folks…a little effort goes a long way.

    Your father (one of the sweetest men on earth, I know this first hand) is a prime example of how to maintain a happy, healthy, relationship. He is truly a role model to all. It seems you’re following in his footsteps, Mr. Tom!

    This kind of wisdom does not happen over night. It’s all about putting in the effort to obtain the goal. Thank God for mentors like you, Mr. Tom, for reminding us what is truly important in our relationships. Thank you for being open and honest, as well as sharing your wise words with all of us Sunshine Mamas/Daddys! You’re the best!!

    Missing you like crazy,

  • Tom Yankus says:

    Mama Lori,
    Amazing little paperback!
    My guess is that the author “took the bull by the horns” (Really, NO PUN INTENDED!) and realized that all World War Two vets were returning 1n 1945-46. The results of solders coming home turned into a simple biology lesson for the masses! Welcome little Tommy in May of 1947! This “love bible,” copyrighted in 1947, probably was a hot selling little “how-to” book.
    It proves that love/lovemaking is eternal and is the MAIN reason our species survives. Mr. Tom

  • sarah marks says:

    Mr. Tom thanks for the blog. The intimacy between a husband and a wife is so key. I feel like i have been through the marrying stage with my friends the baby stage and now the cheating im getting divorced stage. It really sucks. You need to have a sexual healing conference for couples. I love your writing. You are always so on it and honest. In your face about sexual healing intimacy love and how its right in your home. Acess it. I believe that book was so meant to be in your box. Thanks again! Lori misses you so much. I hope to meet you if ever your in town. Please write that book!!!! Cheers!!!