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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Not a Goodbye My Friend… Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (15th In Series)

Submitted by on October 18, 2010 – 6:00 AM3 Comments
Not a Goodbye My Friend… Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (15th In Series)

“I’ve learned that everyone wants to be special to someone.” (Anon)

You have tried to describe me to your friends. “He is old enough to be my father but he acts young enough to be my best friend? I don’t know how to describe you, Mr. Tom?”

I have never been called “Mr. Tom” before but I love it! Please call me that forever.

“I’m growing older but NOT growing up!” (Jimmy Buffett)

My first column, way back when, talked of only having a handful of “true” friends in a lifetime. “You can count on one hand the true friends you’ll trust with everything” I lamented. My feeling and description of a “true friend” would be one that you can call on 24/7, will always listen with no negative comments/opinions and will never judge you if you fall down. Nothing (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) is taboo to discuss. It MUST be a two-way-street in a true relationship/friendship.

One can only hope a spouse is the (ring) finger on your left hand. You know I wanted this. You want the same as you plan your December Key West Anniversary Party. I’ll be with you that day. I’ll toast with Matt the night before. I look forward to seeing the two of you celebrate your lives together.

Lori, on this very evening I realized that I have three FRIENDS that are of this earth. You are one of them. You always will be, kid.

My very own flesh and blood have discarded me for they feel that I have discarded them. Divorce has been the VERY hardest thing in my life. It truly is a “death” and I’ll never go through it again. I know that I’m at fault. I’ve made mistakes and you don’t judge me. You, Lori, have listened, offered prayers and advice. You’ve never judged me in a negative way. We don’t know the plans of our Almighty Lord. Only He knows of the plans for us.

Your two beautiful girls (Lori, they are drop-dead-gorgeous-and-you-are-in-trouble-when-they-are-teens) have helped filled the grandparent void. You know what I’m saying. I hope I see them one day.

What I know, Lori, is that we have grown together as friends.

Maybe that’s HIS the plan, after all?

I love you, Lori McCluskey and thank you for being my friend. One of three.

This is scary but we now know EVERYTHING about each other!

I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me!

I love you, kid and visit me on Fernandina Beach and e-mail me EVERY time you need to hear from a true friend. I’ll always be with you as you are within me.

This is NOT a goodbye my special friend.

By the way…have I told you that you very well may be the strongest person I’ve ever known and you’ve made me realize how strong I should have been a long, long time ago?

You go girl…

“Mr. Tom”

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  • Mr. Tom,

    As our readers will not notice a difference as you submit your columns from North Florida vs. your current Space Coast location, my family and I will be deeply saddened!! Who new that as you pulled up in your Miata a year ago with “Jim Buff” written on the license plate and flip flops hanging from the bumper that you would, in fact, become one of the friends I can count on my five fingers!

    As your departure date grows closer and closer, I have found myself upset and irritable. I didn’t realize how much you leaving would alter my mood. Our many conversations around the dos and the don’ts of life have impacted me greatly and will stick with me for many years to come!

    I know that we will see each other often (probably as often as we do now between your travels and ours) which allows me to shed a little light on the situation.

    Your sense of humor, life experiences, and young at heart passion for life has brought an irreplaceable angle to Sunshine Mamas! I thank you for this, but most of all, I thank you for your friendship. You will be missed more than you will ever know here on A1a, Mr. Tom.

    Thank you for the recognition. It means so much coming from you, Mr. Tom. As my eyes well with tears, again, I know that although you will be gone physically, your spirit will always be near!!

    Lots of love,

  • sarah marks says:

    Mr. Tom,

    You mean so much to Lori. She talks so highly of you! She is an awesome lady. She is a strong and beautiful lady indeed. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her. Good luck and many blessings to you in your new season. Change is always good. Please continue to write for the site. We all so enjoy the read. Take Care. may the Lord keep you safe and full of adventure!!!


  • Renee Brodwin says:

    My eyes have actually started to swell up as I read this farewell from Mr.Tom to Lori.
    I feel blessed in knowing you my friend Lori and I know that she always speaks VERY highly or her dearest neighbors and friends.
    Lori indeed is a woman who has in my view super-powers.
    She is a hot mama,loving,caring,good-natured, disciplined, spiritual etc. the list goes on and on…
    It is amazing what she can accomplish in a day.
    I truly feel blessed to have come to this area to meet my new friend and very grateful that our girls met at Grace Lutheran last year.
    Take care Mr.Tom! Good luck to you & your partner in Fernandina Beach.
    May your life continue to be filled with friendship, laughter, good times, good health, music, and happiness.
    My God bless you in your new home!