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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Summer Love Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life (Ninth in Series)

Submitted by on June 21, 2010 – 6:00 AM3 Comments
Summer Love  Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life  (Ninth in Series)

Summer officially starts today and get ready for a scorching time. If Spring is when love buds then Summer is when love blossoms. It’s a natural tendency for “people to feel more sexual in a warm weather climate because they’re visually stimulated by all the flesh on display,” laments Dr. Debbie Herbenick the author of “Because It Feels Good.”

Embrace the sultry season for it’s when “we’re subconsciously reminded of sex because the sun flushes the skin in a very similar way to the glow people have when they are aroused,” Dr. Herbenick adds.

It’s that same orgasmic glow we see in our partner at that orgasmic moment.

Summertime is when we all turn down to 69 (Hmmm…) the air conditioning to embrace the sexual, sultry season in the bedroom. The flannel PJ’s are stored away and finally Victoria Secret’s finest are on display to see AND be seen through!

June 2010 Women’s Health “Why Love Is Hotter Right Now” sheds light (no pun intended) on why there is such a burning intensity for summer love and love-making.

It’s a great time to be spontaneous. Those in the north are cooped up with a “cabin fever attitude” all winter (we’re so lucky in the South) and that very spontaneous, carefree summertime attitude stokes the relationship fires. It’s medically proven that excitement and anticipation increases the production of the hormone dopamine. Add that to hot weather and you get friction. You know what I mean! Exposure to sunlight is also proven to produce mind boosting serotonin and MSH all of which increases the libido.

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention proper use of sunscreen at this point.

If one is daring, the beauty of sharing love and having sex outdoors in the summertime nature engages all your senses. I’ve hit hard on including all your senses when sharing with your partner. The woman’s superior sense of smell, touch and sight are even sharper in the summer. Hot tub sex is, HOT! Many other outdoor options are available if you’re creative in mind and spirit.

Vacation means to vacate. Vacate that time away when you feel like that “Ant Marching” going through the rigors of the work year. Couples also have more EXPLOSIVE sex on vacation. That IS a fact! Motel 6 is Motel Sex! The daily grind of work is a major libido killer. On your vacation remember why you fell in love in the first place. Mix outdoor vacation fun with quality indoor vacation bedroom time. SPEND ONE EARLY VACATION DAY IN BED. Be adventurous and daring. Experiment once again. Get healed early on. For God’s sake…try something new and different! Trust me, you’ll feel closer the rest of your vacation and you just may find yourself holding hands the rest of the trip.

In closing I must mention the winter weight we all seem to add from colder months.

We all look in the mirror come Spring and see the battle-of-the-bulge. I’m included with that! We crash and diet and exercise. Once again we eat lighter so we can expose more of less flesh! That’s not a play on words but plain reality. It’s another fact that when people feel healthier and lighter that they feel more comfortable showing skin and are in a sexier frame of mind.

Build your body confidence for your sex drive and self-esteem. They work in tandem to bring you total sexual satisfaction. “Bite by bite is your physical destiny. You are what you eat. Count every calorie,” according to Dr. Annie Hurt of Sunshine Mamas and a well respected educator from the University of South Carolina.

“Treating your body to the right food is empowering,” as Florida Atlantic University Professor Dr. Tina Penhollow states. “Summertime is that time to make peace with your body,” she continues.

Embrace the sultry season! Summer certainly is the time for love, to be healed and have a sexier, healthier life and lifestyle.

Can you think of anything better for yourself and more worthwhile for your partner?

I think it’s time for me to walk across A1A and take a stroll on the beach…

*(Credits to-http://www.womenshealthmag.com/)

(If you’ve missed any of the Attitudes and Laditudes of Mr. Tom Yankus please check in here!)

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  • Annie says:

    I so much agree with Mr. Tom. I never knew how beautiful a day devoted to total and unselfish love could be until I was nearly 60 years old! It is so important to realize that lost time is never found! How can one ever refind a beautiful day by the blue, blue ocean with no clock and no schedule? I was happy to see that my youthful neighbors took this approach earlier in the week! My heart smiled as I witnessed them playing frisbee on the beach at 3:30 p.m. on that glorious afternoon. I just wish that I had been that smart about life at their age. And also, thank you, Mr. Tom, for speaking about taking care of our bodies. I just feel better when I am eating healthy and exercising, but I know it is a bite by bite choice! I truly appreciate your acknowledgement of my views.

  • Mr. Tom says:

    Life is so very short. The 1970’s group Kansas (out of Atlanta!) had a song that has left an impression on me through the years. The song was called “Dust In The Wind.” We are only that. We are but “dust in the winds” of time. God put us on this planet for His reasons and we are part of His plan. I’ve heard “intellectuals” at my college level say that “Hell is actually this life on earth and a ‘Heaven’ is the reward for survival.” The Hell is here if we care little of our mental health and physical well being. Heaven is here if we savor each day. In the sporting world I’m entering the 4th- Quarter of my individual football game called life. I will make every effort, at all costs, to take my game into overtime! I hope you do the same.

  • Sarah says:

    So true! Summertime alaways brings out my onry-ness! Especially after these looong Colorado winters! heehee