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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Winning the Homework Game: A Team Approach

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Winning the Homework Game:  A Team Approach

It’s that time of the year again.  Our favorite baseball teams are vying for a place in the World Series. Our children are also beginning a new school year. So what do these events have in common?  Let me explain a little more.  Two of the best rated baseball teams in 2010 are the Tampa Bay Rays and the Atlanta Braves!  A lifelong friend of mine, with the nickname of “Mr. Baseball” is hopeful that they are the two teams that actually do meet in the World Series. Both teams have veteran managers who stress teamwork.  No one player overshadows the efforts of the rest of the team.  When one player excels, it is a celebration for the entire team.  So goes homework in the family.

Your children are now back in school and homework is a regular part of the day.  Children are most successful with homework when other members of the family work together as a team to support homework activities.  Here are some suggestions for families with children of all ages.

  • Be sure you have an organized way to know your child’s assignments such as a homework log or a homework journal.  Expect your child to bring this home daily.
  • Show an interest in your children’s homework.  Let them know that homework is important.  Review the assignment together, helping the child to make a plan for completing it.  If there is more than one assignment, allow your child to choose which assignment he wants to do first.  Choice works well with many children who are not crazy about homework!
  • Establish a regular time for your child to complete homework.  Some children want to complete homework immediately after school.  Others need a break before doing homework.  You and your child can decide what works well for her/him.
  • Decide on a specific place for your child to complete homework.  Some children can work well in a quiet place in their room.  Others need to be closer to adults.  They may need to sit at the dining table where they can check in regularly with an adult.
  • Eliminate distractions such as television, videos, and computer games during homework time.
  • Expect other members of the family to respect family member’s study needs during homework time.
  • Keep supplies that children may need for homework.  Some items to include may be notebook paper, construction paper, pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, rulers, calculators, dictionaries and computer access.
  • Help children to understand that homework is their responsibility.  You, as the parent, are available to assist or clarify, but homework is the work of the child to be completed at home.
  • When children have long assignments or tasks to complete over several days, help them chunk the tasks.  Divide the task to be done into smaller chunks.
  • If you have concerns about difficulty or length of homework, discuss these with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
  • Moms, dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters should all support other family members in completing assignments.
  • Provide incentives for children completing homework such a watching a favorite TV show, playing with friends, or another favorite activity.

Parents, when children do well in homework, and succeed in school, they most often do not do this alone.  They do well because you insist they be responsible and you expect for them to do the very best they can.  Everyone in the family is a team member, (just like the Rays and the Braves), supporting them in doing well.  So when the interim reports and report cards show their success, celebrate the success of all the family!  Prepare a special family dinner or view a movie together.  Show your children teamwork in the real world and perhaps every day can be your World Series!

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Dr. Annie Hurt is a certified parent educator for the internationally recognized Triple P. Positive Parenting Program and Back In Control Parenting,  and may be contacted for individual consultation and group workshops at annie@sunshinemamas.com

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