7 Side-Splitting Kid Quotes to Make Your Day
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Ever heard the old adage “kids say the darndest things?” There’s a reason for that, and chances are good that your kids have come up with some doozies of their own a time or two. …

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Your Man Literally Does Have a One Track Mind Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life

Submitted by on March 18, 2011 – 7:06 AM2 Comments
Your Man Literally Does Have a One Track Mind  Sexual Healing for a Healthier Life

February’s Cosmo had a headline that caught my eye. The article was titled “101 Things About Men.” Yes, I read Cosmopolitan. I also subscribe and read Men’s and Women’s Health and Playboy. Except for Playboy’s nude pics it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between either monthly regarding serious and researched data involving sexual activity.

Here are some interesting facts that you may need to understand about your man. “Mr. Tom,” you know now why you have such a one track mind. Don’t tell anybody but a man’s brain is SMALLER then his counterpart. Ouch! Since it is smaller it can’t handle as much thought process. Okay- that explains why we can’t multi-task and we are single-minded (stubborn) at times. Okay, stubborn most all the time.

Another fact is that we sweat more (duh) and go ape-shit when other dudes are around our woman. When this happens (and if we love that one woman) the testosterone and cortisol levels in our brain leads us to reactions similar to what chimpanzees experience when competing for a mate. I’ll have a banana please with my glass of Pinot Grigio.

After lovemaking he craves guess what? 10% grab a snack while 12% turn on the TV. 27% go to sleep while the vast majority of 51% just want to cuddle with their lover.

I can cuddle with the best of ‘em!

So when is your man “primed”  for lovemaking, anyway? The answer may surprise some but around wake-up time (between 7-8 AM) we experience a testosterone boost and our libido is raring to go. Hmmm…maybe you’ve noticed his “manliness” in the morning. I don’t need to draw a picture. Actually, that “smaller” brain he possesses is totally relaxed after deep sleep and the pressures he meets each day are still some hours away. Relaxing weekend mornings can really be special for the both of you. His adrenaline level for physical energy and strength peeks before noon to a point by mid-day where he really slows down by the 2-3 PM hour. As one gets older power naps are recommended when possible to boost the energy for evening frolics.

I take a nap about every day for I’m retired. Your man may not be afforded that opportunity. Late dinner, a few drinks and it’s probably “la-la land” for your guy between 9-10 PM.

On a lighter side, the article went as far as looking at your guys moves on the dance floor. The “bump-n-grind guy” is passionate and comfortable while the “running-man” dancer is usually laid back and funnier. The “break-dancer wannabe” is described as an attention whore and mildly annoying, that is, unless he REALLY can shake, rattle and roll with the best and may be ready for prime time. Oh, yeah…the guy that awkwardly sways and is usually offbeat (usually that’s the white guy on the dance floor) is usually restrained but may be the most thoughtful and sensitive. I can be all four on the dance floor depending on if it’s my second or third drink!

Okay- I sweat more, I sound/act like a chimp-in-heat and love to cuddle. I wake up each morning ready-to-go again and take daily power naps most afternoons. I dance like the average white guy.

What am I, anyway?

I’ll have to think about this tomorrow. I have a difficult time multi-tasking with a smaller brain.

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  • What a fun article, Mr. Tom! I especially like the banana with your Pinot Grigio…too funny! All that you say seems totally in line, especially the part about the being stubborn. (Not just you, ALL of you;)!)

    The only part that I have to question is the “healing” in the morning…while this may be an ideal time in one aspect; it is a not so ideal aspect unless you can make it happen prior to the little ones waking up. This is why locks on parents bedroom doors are a necessity along with frequent weekend getaways… This reminds me, aren’t you and my favorite lady babysitting sometime soon?? 🙂

    Thank you so much for the smile! Great work, as always, Mr. Tom!!


  • Tom Yankus says:

    Mama Lori,
    It’s such a “rat-race” world today of working, raising children and making “ENDS meet” (no pun intended!) I think Cosmo failed in addressing all of that when offering their research about love-in-the-morning. Always keep those doors locked and the noise down (if that’s possible!) day or night. The distraction of those little ones in the next room can be the best form of birth control.
    I think Cosmo was speaking from a biological “STAND…POINT” (yes, a pun WAS intended!) for the stubborn, always horny man in need of healing. Matt is stubborn? I would have never guessed!
    We’ll be seeing you soon and so, so looking forward to it! Mr. Tom